about the lab

learning new skills is a very complex phenomenon that involves many different systems in the body. the systems and processes involved in executing skills change with practice as the body learns to optimize key processes. in the sonnadara lab, we use a variety of different methodologies to study changes in the body which arise as a result of learning and practice, from the initial stages of skill acquisition through to elite and expert level performance. we also study how skill acquisition and performance can be evaluated, and how curricula can be adapted to take advantage of the latest advances in behavioural neuroscience and the sport sciences.

our lab is based in the department of surgery at mcmaster university. we have close ties with the department of psychology, neuroscience and behaviour, the health research methodology and health science education programs, the centre for minimal access surgery and the mcmaster institute for music and the mind at mcmaster university. we are also affiliated closely with the wilson centre, at the university of toronto. please use the links above to find out more about our lab and our work.

we are presently accepting new undergraduate students in our group. for more information, please click here

we do not presently have any openings for graduate students.